Wake County Assignment

Wake County Assignment-38
The reason I ask is that there is a family who lived down the street but have since moved to another town in Wake County (about 25 miles away).They are using another family member's address to keep their kid in the school that they are currently attending.While we value efforts to build a classroom community that is inclusive and respectful of all students and backgrounds, the Wake County Public School System also respects and values student privacy and their right to engage in discussion about personal identity when they are comfortable to do so.

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For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy .And once again, the student would have to use labels and put those folks in a box."What is she doing with these papers? Wake County Schools says the assignment was not part of the district's curriculum and Principal Lyons was not aware of the task until a parent complained.Lyons reviewed the lesson and discontinued it immediately.Hi there, quick question (and I hope it doesn't come off as petty).Is there any rule/law, etc that states when you physically move from one town in Wake County to another that your child must switch to whatever school is assigned to your new residence?People do this all the time, but eventually the system will catch up with them.Yes..can *request* a transfer but the rule is you have to let the school know you have moved (not use someone else's address) and then make the formal request.There was a mixed reaction from parents."I'm for it.I think it's important for students to know that there are other social environments that they may not be used to," one father told ABC11."As a mom, I want my kids to know what makes us the same not things that make us different," said Carrie Bowden. She says she is waiting for the principal to address her personal concerns directly.Just figured I'd ask if there is anything against this and if so who do I call to get it rectified. There is no law but there is a policy that says you must attend the school that your address is assigned to, although there are official ways to get around it (like a transfer).But the family you are talking about is breaking the rules and are at risk of being of kicked out.


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