What Is Assigned Risk Insurance

In this case, it will be difficult for you even to find an insurer that will provide you coverage.

This is a difficult situation especially given a fact that you have no right to drive in the United States if you have no insurance policy.

But if you belong to the category of the riskiest drivers getting this kind of policy will be difficult.

Drivers who belong to risk category of certain level are usually associated with assigned risk insurance.

And assigned risk insurance is needed in those cases when an insurer refuses to provide a policy to a customer for the reason that the customer belongs to a category with high risk.

Even though you have a decent driving record or background, just living in a specific place may be considered as a factor that will require you to have assigned risk insurance.

But the benefit is that this policy will finally cover you, so you will be able to drive safely and according to the law.

And you will probably agree that this solution is very effective.

Besides, if you have a very expensive vehicle that can be stolen or a vehicle that is likely to be damaged in result of a collision, you will be also required to have assigned risk insurance.

And when it is required, expect your insurance rates to be increased. For example, you are under 25, live in dangerous area, and have not the best driving record.


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