Why Education Is Important Essay In Urdu

Why Education Is Important Essay In Urdu-29
Many people of middle and lower income groups have a better lifestyle through proper education.They can meet the technical skills required to land a high pay job. Communication includes speech, signs, gestures and even body language.Through education, we can generate the skilled personnel.

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A person’s education starts at school, then going to college and finally ends with a degree or PG.

This enables them to take up some related professional work in the future. Ability to read & write: Education helps a person to be able to read and write. He can read books, newspapers and signs and symbols.

Most of the information is communicated by writing. He can understand others views and experiences to add to his knowledge.

It also helps read signboards in the street, at shops, bus, train and air stations.

Safe and secure transactions: Nowadays all the money related transactions happen through bank cheques, credit cards, etc.

Without education, it would be difficult to understand the terms and processes and depend on others. Having education would help one rely on to himself and make safer transactions.9.Maybe if people are not educated, these technologies would be of no use to anyone.So such vast income generation is possible due to educated humans.8.He can communicate with the large audience by writing in newspapers, letters and video recordings.Many poets, authors are renowned and famous worldwide due to their ability to influence people.This ability though is an inherent talent and education enhances their skill.One can even communicate professional and personal issues in written form. Many people write novels, poems, stories due to their education.5.The valuable childhood is spent on education so that he could live a better life in the future.The parents are also eager to educate their child The demand for education is so high that there is a reasonable level of business involved around it.Even use of social networking sites requires minimal basic education.So education helps us use technology in the better way.7.


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