World War 2 The Road To War Essay

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Source 3 : CAB 21/544 – Report by General Ismay on the potential outcomes if Czechosolvakia is given to the Germans.The road from an assassination in the Balkans to a world war is confusing and difficult to understand.

Three of the documents here are extracts from Chamberlain’s own record of the meeting.

The other two documents are useful evidence of the kind of advice Chamberlain was getting at home in Britain.

After the First World War, the map of Europe was re-drawn and several new countries were formed.

As a result of this, three million Germans found themselves now living in part of Czechoslovakia.

Even while Chamberlain was signing the Munich Agreement, he was agreeing a huge increase in spending to increase Britain’s armament in preparation for war.

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He must have known from the situation outlined to him by General Ismay, that Czechoslovakia was lost, that war was bound to come.Is it unfair of us to criticise him for mis-judging Hitler?Students could try to construct the case for Chamberlain. Image : CN 11/6 – Neville Chamberlain in France Source 1 : FO 371/21737 – Letter from Nevile Henderson, the German Ambassador Source 2a, b & c : FO 371/21738 – Chamberlain’s notes from his meeting with Hitler.Czechoslovakia was the logical next step for his aggression and German Nazis in the Sudetenland were told to stir up the trouble that led to the crisis examined here.Edvard Benes, the leader of Czechoslovakia, was concerned that if Germany was given the Sudetenland, most of the Czech defences would be handed over to the Germans and they would be left defenceless.Chamberlain’s account of his meeting with Hitler forms the centre of this enquiry and reveals how Hitler argued forcefully, then angrily, then reasonably again to gain maximum effect.Students could add up the criticisms which could be levelled at Chamberlain, from naivety in his view of Hitler, to national self-centredness in his failure to consult with his allies and his readiness to sacrifice the Czechs.Six months later, in March 1939, German troops took over the rest of Czechoslovakia.Poland seemed to be the next most likely victim of Nazi aggression and Chamberlain made an agreement with the Poles to defend them in Germany invaded.‘Chamberlain’s appeasement policy made war more likely because Hitler thought he could get away with anything.’ ‘Chamberlain’s appeasement policy bought a valuable year for Britain to get ready for the war which was bound to come.’ ‘Chamberlain believed that Hitler was a man of his word.’ ‘The decision to give the Sudetenland to Germany let down the Czech people.’ The Treaty of Versailles, made in 1919 at the end of the First World War, was intended to make a lasting peace.Many people felt that the Treaty had caused terrible resentment in Germany on which Hitler had been able to play in order to achieve power.


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