World War One Imperialism Essay

World War One Imperialism Essay-18
Without the assassination the war probably would not have occurred as suddenly as it did.

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This showed that the Kaiser was pushing already rocky relations with Britain further in order to become the number one empire in Europe and hence gain power and superiority, shifting the balance of power in Europe.

This led to Britain’s hostility towards Germany and in turn its willingness to go to war in 1914.

Imperialism did have some impact on the causes of WWI.

One example of this would be the Second Moroccan Crisis of 1911.

The Balkan crisis came to its climax when Austria-Hungary decided for a ‘quick war’ with Serbia to crush nationalism and seize control of the Balkan.

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However, this play by Austria and Germany was halted by Russia and by extension the fight for the Balkan indirectly lead to the First World War.

Germany and Britain had a naval race as Britain was producing and in turn Germany started doing the same.

Britain had a law stating that Britain’s navy had to be two times greater than that of any two countries navies combined.

In conclusion, there were many other key factors, which played a large part in the build up to WWI, and imperialism was one of them.

However, imperialism was not the key factor and the defining cause of world war one and only played a part to a certain extent.


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