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Therefore, you need to do research on your audience to understand them better and familiarize yourself with their interests.

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Each component of your speech will provide the structure for the content you deliver.

Think of it as an outline that will help you stay focused and ensure your audience is following the message.

The specific purpose statement should state the main topic of your speech.

You will grab the attention of your audience by engaging them immediately with a compelling reason for your speech.

After you list the main topics, begin brainstorming the fine details.

Try beginning your statement of specific purpose with a phrase like, “I will inform my audience about baking a cake” This beginning will clearly tell your audience what aspects about the topic you will be discussing.In addition, this format will allow your audience to clearly understand what you wish to accomplish with your speech.Consider the main purpose a thesis statement that serves as the backbone of your informative speech.The basics are easy; you pick an explainable topic and then write an explanation that will accommodate a demonstration by you or an assistant. Fortunately, you will find a lot of demonstration speech topic ideas online.The problem is picking a topic you are familiar with that is neither too complicated, or too common.For example, you can follow the cake baking specific purpose statement by saying “These steps include selecting a recipe, following the recipe, baking the cake and putting on the finishing touches." Pranav Reddy started writing professionally in 2010.He has written automotive, society, culture and science articles for various websites.If you seriously think there are no alternatives, you could take your time to research on an unfamiliar topic and still come up with a good speech.However, such a speech will not be as good as a speech you write on a topic you are familiar with.Would they be interested in the subject of your speech?If so, how deep is their understanding of the topic?


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