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The web components collection provides many prepackaged custom elements that can be easily implemented in any Polymer project.They provide useful utility elements like Ajax, media queries, and single page application routing as well as the visual "Paper" elements of Google's Material Design.When viewing your app in the browser, it looks like this: You can see that the starter kit app has several views. When we've finished updating the structure and naming, our app should look like this: Let's dig into the code to understand how Polymer applications and elements are composed and how we can modify it to suit our needs.

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Polymer has comprehensive documentation at the Polymer Project Devguide and can be used with or without the custom elements in the Element Catalog.

To speed up development, we'll build our simple Single Page Application (SPA) with a starter kit and Polymer elements.

If they visit this route while logged in, they'll see this message and be able to log out.

It's time to access the protected API to get secret quotes.

With the starter kit, we'll gain the advantages of routing, app layout, Material Design, and many core utilities right away. First, make sure that you have (with NPM) installed.

If you don't already have Bower, install it globally with the following command: We also need to have a sample Node API running.If we need to add additional links in other contexts, we can always adjust the styling to add variables or other options.Now that we have our route will be accessible regardless of authentication state: the user can access it via the URL or the browser Back button.We're going to develop a Polymer app that does the following: The full source code for the completed app can be cloned from this Git Hub repo.We'll use the new Polymer CLI to scaffold our Polymer web app with the Polymer Starter Kit.When we're finished with this step, our app will look like this: Open attribute.We'll add authorization to this request in the JS when we generate the request. We want to show authenticated users a greeting and private quotes.We'll build a web app using Polymer and its CLI, call an external API, and add authentication with JSON Web Tokens. are generally understood to be modular pieces of code that provide UI and/or scripting in a reusable package.Many JS frameworks use the term "components" (e.g., Angular, React, Ember).It provides syntactic sugar to native web components as well as polyfills for browsers that don't support web components yet.Shadow DOM is difficult and costly to polyfill, so Polymer provides a separate shady DOM polyfill to implement the features of shadow DOM in browsers that lack support.


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