Writing Research Papers A Complete Guide Ebook

That's why blogging is such a popular marketing medium.

It's easy, requiring only a few hundred words and perhaps a few images, and is a reliable way to generate traffic.

A blog post, for example, may need links to previous posts in the intro, and its conclusion might ask readers to add feedback in the comments—neither of which are needed in a book.

But in general, you'll write the same content once, and use it twice.

These books have been downloaded more than 15,000 times, have helped us gain more than 10,000 new email subscribers and grow our Learning Center from around 10,000 pageviews per month in July 2014 to more than 100,000 page views in July 2015—and our books in the Kindle and i Books stores have on average brought in over a dozen new readers per day. Here are 10 of the best tips we've learned about how to effectively write and self-publish e Books, so you can promote your content and grow your audience organically.

You could set out to write a book, jotting down words page by page until you have enough content to publish on its own.

We then pulled our best resources together—with writing commitments from a survey expert and our on-staff statistician—and set out to make an authoritative guide to forms and surveys.

Planning helped us make a better book, one with over a dozen chapters that in just over a month has been read by more than 36,000 people. Before you start writing, you must identify topics worth expanding into book chapters—information that will not only be relevant to your readers but will also help your team accomplish its marketing goals, too.

If your CMS uses any HTML formatting—as ours does for quotes, tables and references—make sure to search for that text and replace it with Markdown.

Keep a list of the things you usually include in articles, search for them in each chapter and make sure they're all edited out.


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